Broomhill 2014 NSP 018

Broomhill 2014 NSP 019

Broomhill 2014 NSP 020

Broomhill 2014 NSP 021

Broomhill 2014 NSP 022

Peaceful Broomhill

I’m lucky to live just three miles from Broomhill Art Hotel and Sculpture Garden near Barnstaple in North Devon; hundreds of acres of beautiful wooded valley are home to a delightful collection of around 300 sculptures by the likes of Ronald A. Westerhuis, Carol Peace, Laury Dizengremel and many others. Today I’ve been there with my sister, Jo, for lunch and a tour of the gardens including the ten finalists in the National Sculpture Prize 2014.

Broomhill 2014 NSP 175

Red Shoe (detail) by Greta Berlin

Some of the many beautiful sculptures by Carol Peace:-

Finalists in the 2014 National Sculpture Prize:-

Broomhill 2014 NSP 197

While you slept I was alone in my own eternity

Broomhill 2014 NSP 189

The Gateway is a distorting mirror as well as a window

What I’ve been reading: Ishiguro/McBride

Read what I thought of them here : Librarium 2014

Dandelion clock

natural forms 020


img 1998045

Tuesday Haikube


Lino-cut Print

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img 1998041


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