Haiku #1

Magpie chattering

Jackson, a coiled spring below

Wits sharp as his claws

I love haiku – the proper Japanese ones. There are lots of rules (or guidelines as I like to think of them) about the theme, content, rhythm and order. Not being Japanese (though I did live there for two years in the early nineties) I figure I can get away with being a bit leftfield. This one I wrote early one morning as I took my routine look out over the river bank to check out the bird life. The magpie is not a regular visitor to my garden so I homed in on his noisy presence immediately. He was probably looking for a mate, and Jackson, a neighbour’s cat, was probably looking for something to pounce on. I hope the former and not the latter came to pass!

Whilst looking for something to illustrate my haiku I came across Matt Dawson’s charming blog http://mattdawsonblog.blogspot.co.uk/2009/02/moggy-magpie-if-instinct.html


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