Today is the day my beautiful daughter Nee, my firstborn, came into the world 18 years ago. She was the first farang to be born in tiny Sriprachan Hospital. Born a celebrity and always has been in my eyes….. Apart from the screaming matches with her little brother….. And the way she never keeps her room clean or tidy….. And the hours on facebook/watching reruns of CIS/browsing internet clothes stores when she should have been studying….. Well, college is over, the A Levels are done and dusted and my girl finally has her name on the electoral register.

To commemorate this special day I will be indulging myself by publishing some photos. The first one is her actual birthday, the day she was born after a lot of pain and panic from her novice mother. (“Just cut it out of me!” etc.) She spent some time in this charming Perspex box whilst in hospital with a cuddly yellow towel which soon succumbed to the damp and humidity of the tropics and became speckled with black mildew.


This next one was taken on her “first” birthday when she was one year old. (Even then she was interested in photography)

The following year, when she turned two, we came to Devon to celebrate with Granny, Auntie Jo, Uncle Roger and the cousins. Here’s Nee with her special Birthday Jelly cake.  (click on pics to enlarge)

Over the years, Nee has  good-humouredly modelled the crazy recycled clothes I made for her, never once complaining that she looked like a bedspread or pair of curtains.

Age 11

So, Nee, you have been and still are a lovely, lovely daughter. And I have to admit I do feel a teeny bit sorry for all those people out there who have yet to encounter your beautiful smile, dazzling wit and loyal friendship.




One thought on “18

  1. Rachel July 11, 2012 / 9:03 am

    What a gorgeous girl! Happy Birthday Nee. And well done for putting up with some interesting clothes

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