Oh Danny Boyle, the pipes, the pipes are calling
Long live the NHS

Chasing dragon flies. River Thames. Wind in the Willows. Corn circles. Flying pigs. Battersea Power Station. Sex Pistols. East Enders. London Calling. Muse. Bradley Wiggins. Jerusalem. Cricket. Bee-keeping. Maypole dancing. Apple picking. Sheep-herding. Ploughing. Danny Boy. Flower of Scotland. Bread of Heaven. Rugby Union. Isambard Kingdom Brunel. Kenneth Branagh. The Tempest. “Be not affeared…” 1000 drums. Industrial Revolution. Pandemonium. Dark Satanic Mills. Steel forging. Suffragettes. WWI. WWII. Poppies. HMS Windrush. Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band. James Bond. Queen Elizabeth II. Corgis. Churchill. Dam Busters. Abseil. Children’s choir. Tubular Bells. Mike Oldfield. NHS. Great Ormond Street Hospital. PeterPan. Lindy Hoppers. JKRowling.

Reading under the bed covers. Child Catcher. Queen of Hearts. “Off with her head!” Cruella de Vil. Voldemort. He who must not be named. Mary Poppins. London Symphony Orchestra. British Film Industry. Mr Bean. Chariots of Fire. Austin Mini. The Archers. Michael Fish. Sugababes. Gregory’s Girl. Orchestral Manoevres in the Dark. Jam. Eric Clapton. The Who. Rolling Stones. My Boy Lollipop. The Kinks. Beatles. Tiger Feet. Led Zeppelin. Specials. Bowie. Queen. Sex Pistols again. New Order. Frankie Goes to Hollywood. Back to life back to reality. Happy Mondays. Eurythmics. Prodigy. Born Slippy. I’m Forever Blowing Bubbles. Dizzee Rascal. Bonkers! Amy Winehouse. Muse again. Tiny Tempah. www. Tim Berners Lee.  Memorial Wall. Emily Sandé.  Abide With Me. Doreen Lawrence. Mr Blue Sky. Adele. Heroes. Arctic Monkeys. Pink Floyd. Sir Paul McCartney. David Beckham. Sir Steve Redgrave.

Cameroon Team win gold for costumes
Forged in the Industrial Revolution



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