Phlox with hanging basket in the evening sunshine.

“The garden’s looking nice this afternoon”, I thought.

It’s been a tremendously wet summer so far, but the plants seem to be flourishing with all that rain water falling on them. It’s obviously better for them than tap water. The downside to this is that the slug population has exploded. Some of my hostas have leaves resembling lacework. It’s all about colour for me; flowers, flowers and more flowers. It’s a tiny space, but I’m thinking about putting in a small raised bed for some veggies next year…. thinking….until then, I have one tomato plant, but it’s looking good!

The white agapanthus is about 25% of the way to being fully open. One of only two flower stems in this one-year-old clump. The poor old shed is on its last legs, leaning slightly further to the right than it was last year.

The first oriental lily opened this morning – there are many more to follow. Their scent is out of this world.

The large clump of monarda produces unusual flowers. The reds are always the first to show, followed by purple (just starting) then white.

click on pics to view large…


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