On Reflection

Pictures from Broomhill Sculpture Garden


click on pics to view large….

I’ve been to Broomhill several times; after all it’s only about five miles from my home. It’s a lovely shady wooded valley filled with sculptures of all shapes, sizes and media. The pieces are thoughtfully situated to make the best of the natural light, vegetation or water. The burnished stainless steel sphere (top) had a small concave which was highly polished and gave some interesting effects through the camera lens.

The gallery space in the hotel itself currently houses an exhibition of the work of Carol Peace, a mix of sculptures and prints.

The National Sculpture Prize is once again exhibiting the finalists’ work in the lower field, and the general public are able to vote for the Public Choice award either at Broomhill itself or via the website


One of my favourite areas of the sculpture garden is the old asphalt tennis court, enclosed by a rusting chain link fence and gradually being taken over by weeds and other encroaching vegetation. This area is the home of an exhibition called Welcome to the Third Millenium installed by sculptor Mike Roles. It is a tableau of seemingly post-apocalyptic figures whose bodies are in various stages of decay – some seem to have vanished altogether leaving just their clothes or shoes standing alone.

Broomhill and Crow 028

Broomhill and Crow 035Of course, no visit to Broomhill would be complete without a drink and some of their delicious food on the terrace. I went for a cream tea!

Broomhill is just outside Barnstaple in North Devon, England.


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