They think it’s all over…

Incorporating Haiku #5 and #6

Walking home from netball training this evening I noticed that the swallows are already practising for their long flight south. Although it’s heartening to see that there’s still some wildlife left in our world of urban-encroachment, there’s always a hint of sadness when the swallows leave because we know that the temperatures are going to start dropping and our long, light evenings will start to get shorter. In other words, summer is almost over folks. But let’s not be too down-hearted, because there are still three weeks to go before those three words our children dread to hear….. Back to School.

I wrote a little poem and a couple of haiku to mark the migration…

This mournful day that tells us

Our summer’s almost done

A symphony on power lines

A soft migration hum

A feathered congregation

A strong magnetic pull

Swallows heading southward

The air feels autumnal

Swallow symphony

One hundred notes yearn to play

A song of the south

Migration music

Telegraph wire manuscript

Of fleeing swallows


2 thoughts on “They think it’s all over…

    • Bridget August 16, 2012 / 9:26 pm

      Thankyou. You are kind. Should I have given them their own page? Now my numbering sequence is out of kilter.

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