Braunton Floods

The Day After

At about 4am on Saturday 22nd December the River Caen burst its banks in several places just beyond and smack bang in the centre of my home village of Braunton in North Devon, UK.  Two severe flood warnings remain in place – this means there is a real danger to life and property. Many low-lying residences were evacuated then flooded, and many shops and other businesses in the village centre were drowned in almost 4 feet of muddy water.

picture - The Environment Agency
picture – The Environment Agency

Today I went along with my rubber gloves to lend a hand to our local traders and so did many other residents of the community. Meanwhile the Fire Service continued to pump out flood water, the local Member of Parliament stood around looking concerned and speaking to the media who have maintained a heavy presence in this village where nothing ever happens, and the local building suppliers continued to provide sandbags even though they were badly flooded themselves.

Here are some pictures I took around the village on this second day of flooding. Heavy rain is expected again tonight. The river is at full capacity and the surrounding land is completely saturated with rain that has already fallen in this year, the wettest that I can remember. Yesterday the old folk were saying this is the worst flooding since 1962. Today they are saying this is the worst flooding since 1923. ….click on pics to view large….

The story from yesterday with more pictures is here.

Update 31st December 2012: More than half of the flood-affected shops and businesses are still not trading. Most of those have been cleared of goods, furniture and fittings destroyed in the silt-laden flood water and now look dark and derelict with heavy condensation on the inside of the windows. The bakery has seemingly not been visited and loaves of mouldy bread and other baked goods are still strewn around the damp and dirty interior. It is a sad and desolate street. I hope with all my heart that things can get back to normal soon. Commiserations to everyone affected.


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