All vanity lost

self portraitSelf Portrait

version 1This has taken me two hours and is still a work in progress. I drew from the mirror without my glasses on and it was looking pretty good until I put my specs back on! It is with regret that I say I think it looks something like me. I was hoping for an enigmatic smile but was unable to translate that onto the paper; maybe with more practice. I think it makes me look very stern and sharp, but we can’t help what we are born with. My plan is to use this base and work into it with different materials such as watercolours, inks and oil pastels to make a series of different versions.

Update June 20th. Over the past couple of days I’ve been improving my portrait. I’ve emphasised the “smile” line at the corners of the mouth and added a few more crows’ feet and I think this has softened the expression a lot – much closer to the enigmatic smile I was going for! I’ve also changed the nostrils (on my daughter’s advice), evened up the sizes of the ears and redrawn the jaw line. I am now happy with it and this is the version I’m taking forward for developments.

I’m enjoying drawing more than I ever thought I would. I am painstakingly slow, but the end results are quite pleasing (to me anyway).

…best viewed large…click on pic…a scary prospect, but possibly true…


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