365 Days

Today marks 365 days since Skipping Over Quicksand began.

The first anniversary  My very first post “Not Written in the Stars” was published on June 29th 2012 and the flow of words and pictures has gushed and sometimes trickled for a whole year. And it’s been quite a year. I’ve seen my daughter go off to university and missed her loads. And I’ve cajoled and, I hope, supported my son through his high school exams. I’ve started drawing and will soon progress to painting. I’ve been to Spain on a fleeting visit to my dad, I’ve learnt to take half decent pictures and will carry on with the DSLR I have just acquired today.

Just a few stats for you. My most popular posts have been:- 1. Books In My Life  2. Forever Changes  3. Skylights. My favourite posts have been Installation Deprecation, Snapshots of North Devon and of course 18.

Today I learned via a congratulatory message in my notifications that I have gained 100 followers. I’m not sure how that came about but I suppose somewhere amongst the recipes, books, sewing tips, reportage, haiku and other ramblings there is something to appeal to a wide demographic. Thanks to all, and please stick around.


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