Under the Lion Flag

Sri LankaYesterday it really felt as if summer had finally arrived. After a hectic week at work and play, my daughter, Nee, her best friend, Meg, and I drove round to Woolacombe then headed down to beautiful Barricane Beach to soak up the evening sun and eat some delicious Sri Lankan curry. Barricane is a tiny sandy cove with plenty of rocky outcrops and vegetation in full bloom, but its main attraction is the tiny beach cafe where, for several years now, a thriving curry business has been running, the flag of Sri Lanka raised on the gable end. It’s all very relaxed and low key, just like North Devon life; place your order at the counter, pay your money receiving a numbered slip of paper in return then head down to the sand and find a spot to sit. Diners bring their own beverages and seat/rug/mat, and within minutes plates of food are brought down and order numbers called out.

Last night’s meal comprised a good pile of basmati rice, chicken curry, a spicy dal, cabbage bhaji and a carrot and coconut “salad” with poppadom chips on the side. It was a generously sized meal, but for those with a gap still to fill, cakes and icecreams are available at the cafe hut.

The atmosphere was very friendly and jovial; families, surfers, eaters and drinkers all enjoying the warm evening. Stupidly I forgot to take my camera, but took some snaps of the fabulous sky and sunset on my phone. We will definitely be returning.   …click on any pic to see larger…


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