Objectification not optional.

Rachel Coldbreath once again dispenses with the bull**** and cuts through the c*** with this brilliantly clear and precise post.


There is a demand for women to be objectified. Some men love objectifying women. Some women really get off on being objectified, and I make no value judgment on that whatsoever. These things are part of human sexuality and always will be.

The question is: do we want the fulfilment of that demand to be mainstream and so widely normalised that all the women who do not want to be objectified are forced to endure it anyway, in all circumstances, every day?

Do we want it to be so normalised that young men who would not naturally objectify women are given little choice by peer pressure?

Are we happy for our young women to have “being objectified” as their most popular ambition? What are the implications for equality (and its benefits for both women and men), when the ambition of a notable chunk of a generation of women is passive?

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