Polka dots again

Eternally appealing, polka dots will always be favourites of mine. Patterned without being fussy, geometric without being angular, graphic without being overwhelming, spots and dots come in all sizes and can be cute or sophisticated.spotty dress 004 My length of fabric is covered in large (about ¾”) spots which look like they have been waxed and dyed, though it is probably some new high-tech printing process. The colour varies slightly from spot to spot, in shades of reds, pinks and oranges which gives it a home-dyed look which I really like.

My mission is to make a dress for an engagement party to be held in an art gallery in London at the end of this month. I want it to be summery, light, comfortable, original and pretty. As one of the older generation (aunt) I don’t want to look frumpy! The pattern is an old favourite of mine, New Look 6805, and I’m going to make view B with the cross over bodice.

*   *   *

6805fbThe bodice of this dress is in seven pieces and is lined. There are also two sashes sewn into the side front seams. Manipulating all these pieces was quite tricky even for an experienced sewer. My lining was a fine, slippery polyester which caused me a few problems; next time I will self-line, or use a cotton lining which will behave itself better and stay put where it is pressed. I made an alteration to the bodice back before cutting out; I remember it being too wide for me last time I made this dress. Also the shoulder straps needed shortening by an inch and a half. Once the bodice was together the rest was plain sailing. There are 3 pleats on each the back and front and a side zip. I wanted the skirt of my dress to hold its fullness, so I made a dress net from 2 metres of double thickness white netting.

wardrobe 009


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