No man’s land

Jeff Piggott’s poignant sculpture, “No man’s land” is one of 10 finalists in the 2014 National Sculpture Prize. This is the artist’s statement.

No man’s land is intended as a meditation on war and conflict. The theme comes from the anniversary of the commencement of the First World War and each of the 101 cylinders represents a year up to 2014. As objects they could be seen as artillery shells stacked behind the lines, or the rigid anonymity of fallen soldiers and civilians. They are also intended to symbolise the repetitive industrial process of slaughter in the Great War and the many conflicts that have occurred since. Violence terminates lives prematurely and scars, traumatises and dehumanises those that suffer as a  consequence. A sculpture carries no answers, no resolutions and acts merely as a visual statement. Over time this work will take on the colours and textures of its surroundings as it is absorbed by nature just as the remnants of numerous wars are taken back by the land.

Broomhill 2014 NSP 202

No Man's Land by Jeff Piggott
No Man’s Land by Jeff Piggott

I felt this communication to be relevant and comprehensive with none of the nonsensical jargon that kept cropping up in many of the other artists’ statements in the NSP brochure. As today is the 100th anniversary of Britain’s declaration of war on Germany, I thought I’d share Jeff Piggott’s words. He has a blog which has lots more interesting information about what he discovered when researching for this piece, and how he made it and finally assembled it at Broomhill. I wish him the best of luck when the judges come to decide on the winner of the 2014 National Sculpture Prize.


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