Terrified of Poetry

Drive-by Poetry

I was a victim of drive-by poetry

assaulted with Rudyard Kipling

by two rude boys in a souped-up coupé

flashing past me up Broadway

speeding puddles

on to drainpipe trousers

later they shocked an elderly couple

with shouted snatches of T.S.Eliot

haring around a blind spot

then up George

blaring Blake from blacked-out windows

a police spokesman yesterday

played down the incidents

as nothing new

people have been terrified of poetry for years

he said

To mark National Poetry Day, I’ve reproduced a poem by the brilliant performance poet and serial slam champion, Ash Dickinson. I met Ash about 18 months ago when he came to run a poetry workshop at the school where I work. The kids were all transfixed by his witty raps and rhymes delivered with rhythm, movement and a lot of humour. His collection  “Slinky Espadrilles” (2012 Burning Eye Books) comprises over 40 poems looking at such diverse subjects as vanity, cybersex, Edinburgh Festival, visiting the dentist and, of course, love. It’s one of the best poetry books I’ve bought in a long time, and sits nicely alongside my volume by the Liverpool poets.

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