A Momentous Day

For football; for Liverpool; for the families of the 96 fans who died in the Hillsborough disaster April 15th 1989. FINALLY………JUSTICE.

John Anderson 62-Colin Ashcroft 19-James Aspinall 18-Kester Ball 16-Gerard Baron 67-Simon Bell 17-Barry Bennett 26-David Benson 22-David Birtle 22-Tony Bland 22- Paul Brady 21-Andrew Brookes 26-Carl Brown 18-David Brown 25-Henry Burke 47-Peter Biurkett 24-Paul Carlile 19-Raymond Chapman 50-Gary Church 19-Joseph Clark 29-Paul Clark 18-Gary Collins 22-Stephen Copoc 20-Tracey Cox 23-James Delaney 19-Christopher Devonside 18-Christopher Edwards 29-Vincent Fitzsimmons 34-Thomas Fox 21-JonPaul Gilhooley 10-Barry Glover 27-Ian Glover 20-Derrick Godwin 24-Roy Hamilton 33-Philip Hammond 14-Eric Hankin 33-Gary Harrison 27-Peter Harrison 15-Stephen Harrison 31-David Hawley 39-James Hennessey 29-Paul Hewitson 26-Carl Hewitt 17-Nicholas Hewitt 16-Sarah Hicks 19-Victoria Hicks 15-Gordon Horn 20-Arthur Horrocks 41-Thomas Howard 39-Thomas A Howard 14-Eric Hughes 42-Alan Johnston 29-Christine Jones 27-Gary Jones 18-Richard Jones 25-Nicholas Joynes 27-Anthony Kelly 29-Michael Kelly 38-Carl Lewis 18-David Mather 19-Brian Matthews 38-Francis McAllister 27-John McBrien 18-Marian McCabe 21-Joseph McCarthy 21-Peter McDonnell 21-Alan McGlone 28-Keith McGrath 17-Paul Murray 14-Lee Nicol 14-Stephen O’Neill 17-Jonathon Owens 18-William Pemberton 23-Carl Rimmer 21-David Rimmer 38-Graham Roberts 24-Stephen Robinson 17-Henry Rogers 17-Colin Sefton 23-Inger Shah 38-Paula Smith 26-Adam Spearritt 14-Philip Steele 15-David Thomas 23-Patrick Thompson 35-Peter Thompson 30-Stuart Thompson 17-Peter Tootle 21-Christopher Traynor 26-Martin Traynor 16-Kevin Tyrrell 15-Colin Wafer 19-Ian Whelan 19-Martin Wild 29-Kevin Williams 15-Graham Wright 17.



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