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Here be dragons

Stink Lily, Black Dragon, Voodoo Lily, Snake Lily and numerous other names. This is Dracunculus vulgaris and is flowering now in our school garden. Stunning in looks and scent, it has the aroma of rotting meat which attracts the flies it needs for pollination.

A Momentous Day

For football; for Liverpool; for the families of the 96 fans who died in the Hillsborough disaster April 15th 1989. FINALLY………JUSTICE.

John Anderson 62-Colin Ashcroft 19-James Aspinall 18-Kester Ball 16-Gerard Baron 67-Simon Bell 17-Barry Bennett 26-David Benson 22-David Birtle 22-Tony Bland 22- Paul Brady 21-Andrew Brookes 26-Carl Brown 18-David Brown 25-Henry Burke 47-Peter Biurkett 24-Paul Carlile 19-Raymond Chapman 50-Gary Church 19-Joseph Clark 29-Paul Clark 18-Gary Collins 22-Stephen Copoc 20-Tracey Cox 23-James Delaney 19-Christopher Devonside 18-Christopher Edwards 29-Vincent Fitzsimmons 34-Thomas Fox 21-JonPaul Gilhooley 10-Barry Glover 27-Ian Glover 20-Derrick Godwin 24-Roy Hamilton 33-Philip Hammond 14-Eric Hankin 33-Gary Harrison 27-Peter Harrison 15-Stephen Harrison 31-David Hawley 39-James Hennessey 29-Paul Hewitson 26-Carl Hewitt 17-Nicholas Hewitt 16-Sarah Hicks 19-Victoria Hicks 15-Gordon Horn 20-Arthur Horrocks 41-Thomas Howard 39-Thomas A Howard 14-Eric Hughes 42-Alan Johnston 29-Christine Jones 27-Gary Jones 18-Richard Jones 25-Nicholas Joynes 27-Anthony Kelly 29-Michael Kelly 38-Carl Lewis 18-David Mather 19-Brian Matthews 38-Francis McAllister 27-John McBrien 18-Marian McCabe 21-Joseph McCarthy 21-Peter McDonnell 21-Alan McGlone 28-Keith McGrath 17-Paul Murray 14-Lee Nicol 14-Stephen O’Neill 17-Jonathon Owens 18-William Pemberton 23-Carl Rimmer 21-David Rimmer 38-Graham Roberts 24-Stephen Robinson 17-Henry Rogers 17-Colin Sefton 23-Inger Shah 38-Paula Smith 26-Adam Spearritt 14-Philip Steele 15-David Thomas 23-Patrick Thompson 35-Peter Thompson 30-Stuart Thompson 17-Peter Tootle 21-Christopher Traynor 26-Martin Traynor 16-Kevin Tyrrell 15-Colin Wafer 19-Ian Whelan 19-Martin Wild 29-Kevin Williams 15-Graham Wright 17.


Something serious has happened, but you don’t know it yet


Most of you will still be at work this time of day. Something serious has happened, but you don’t know it yet.

When you get back this evening, you will find your home has been demolished. Just flattened. You have no idea why. Your family may or may not have been in it. Everything you own certainly was. Your neighbours have disappeared. You stand there looking at the remains, trying to process the scene. It’s impossible. Then you start to dig frantically, but it’s no use. It’s just a mountain of rubble. You should call the police. You try your phone, but you’ve been cut off. You look for your car. It’s gone. WHAT IS GOING ON?

You sit on the curb confused. You’re tearful. You feel the whoosh of someone running past, behind you. When you turn your rucksack is gone. You look around, but the culprit is nowhere…

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